Hi. My name is Elina, I am an immigrant, undoubtedly a femme, and an innovation enthusiast. I like to write and am passionate-to-a-fault about technology and women’s rights. Femme Writes. Get it?

Once upon a time, I went to Georgetown. Twice (upon a time?), I graduated from it with a Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Technology Management. This combined love of writing and tech made for an interesting journey, and I invite you to follow along!

In this space, I will explore the idea of femininity, combined with a love for technology and innovation. To backtrack, the very notion of “femininity” that I aim to discuss is not a traditional one. To backtrack further, “traditional” is something I am not, in case you have not picked up on that already. Since my first Technical Writer job out of college, I have been closely tied to the IT field for the past 8 years. I will share my articles here and would be more than happy to discuss the latest trends in tech.

Last but not least, I will write here about my work with Magical Smiles Foundation. It is a new non-profit organization, dedicated to bringing smiles to the underprivileged children in Central and Latin America by donating clothes, food, and toys to orphaned or homeless girls and boys. Our first project took place during the Fall and Winter holiday season of 2017, where we distributed donations to young girls and boys in El Salvador.

I hope you agree with what I have to say. After all, what I desire is a better world for women and children. I dare you to disagree though, since hey, this is the United States of America with free speech and all. If future generations stand a chance, we will find a path forward together.